MHX Bingo Caller

MHX Bingo Caller 6.0

It is a customizable tool designed for creating and playing bingo games
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MHX Bingo Caller 6.0 is a complete and customizable tool for creating and playing your own bingo games for both 75 number bingo and 90 number bingo. The program allows users to call out numbers on the screen, and includes voices in English, French, and Spanish. The user is able to completely customize the game, from being able to block out certain letters from being called, to choose from a bunch of preset winning patterns, or making their own from scratch. They can add unique options such as wild numbers, odd/even number calling, or make a play list of all of their favorite premade or custom game patterns. To complete the users bingo experience, they can print out bingo cards with their custom pattern, or choose one of the many present patterns included with the game. The game includes thousands of cards that are generated and saved into the program. Each card made by the program has a serial number that can be checked for winning patterns/good bingos.

In addition, the user can adjust the speed of the numbers called, as well as mute the audio if they want a silent game. Altogether, this program allows the user to start their own bingo party anywhere they want, including reception halls, schools, community center with total creative control!

Version 6.0.1 includes Chinese - Mandarin voice files, 90 number bingo card generator that makes trackable/checkable cards, and options to edit colors and the header of generated 75 number bingo cards

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